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Steampunk Robot 39

Steampunk Robot 39

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Steampunk DIY Wooden Little Robot: Embrace the charm of Steampunk with this remarkable handcrafted wooden robot. Assemble it yourself and witness the transformation into a captivating robotic figure.

Effortless Self-Assembly: No glue needed! The pre-punched wood bricks for the head and body make it a breeze to assemble. Even children as young as seven can easily put them together using a screwdriver. Follow the provided user manual, and you'll complete the assembly with ease.

Unleash Creativity and Find Relaxation: Engage in the joy of handmade creation as you build your very own little robot. Experience stress relief and relaxation through the power of manual labor. After completion, relish in the sense of accomplishment. The kit includes extra components, allowing you to unleash your imagination and turn it into a unique piece of art.

Adorable Accessories and Perfect Gift: Just as every person has a distinct personality, each wood piece possesses its own texture, infusing the little robot figure with a soul. It can serve as a charming decoration, whether as a keychain, pendant, or ornament.

Important Considerations: Carefully read the instructions during the assembly process, as the components include screws that require careful handling.

Product Details

  • Material:  Wood/steel
  • Age Range:  7 years +
  • Number of Pieces:  10-15
  • Type: DIY Kits
  • Theme:  Steam punk robot


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